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The idea that this opportunity lies before me, this entry gig; saying something and it being recorded represents a new reality to anyone who takes in its import. We are allowed access to our innermost thoughts, the things that come first when we open our mouths like I am now. Everyone has to try and keep ahead of it, that’s understood. And it’s like one of my favorite subjects, racquetball, which is the enclosing of oneself in a cube with something bouncing around. There are no age limits. I get to play with Harold and he’s 84. He’ll like this blog. I tried to play golf with my dumbhead pals but especially the one guy wanted to smash the situation into a pleasing reality and found it impossible. There was a challenge that someone not be a quitter at the turn but that was who I turned out to be. I sensed I was getting depressed. There was nothing to do about the swings going on and so there was no promise of redemption. I bet I could take the same guy out next week with an explanation and we have a fine time but his ears may be closed to such entreaties.

I’ll let you know, so come back.

my first blog entry

Turns out it turns about the Daytona Tortugas. Our home town High A Fl State League entry. That and the Rays. Watch for piling on, me a real homer. The problem is like tonight I had to leave I saw swings so bad I can’t understand. How could they be anywhere? Now it’s a trust issue. I don’t know Cincinnati, their home team, but this guy might be a Cuban and maybe they come with some degree of Projecting. That’s called prejudice too if it’s true. I’ll go look it up. Well! I have a roster with me. I hate to report it was the first time in more than half a season they were at the gate when I came through. Can this be? They don’t report their parent cub or other? Nope, Dominican. Maybe comparable Americans would quit by now. I think this is his second year here. If I’m wrong I’m on to something I believe.

Craziest thing, I stopped on my way in and recorded the disaster radar operation they got going. Shows more 40 speeds of the catcher. You hate to look knowing the speed might not be there. Another punch in the gut. So I see our friend an owner and he says see? It’s Always right. I said but, I’ve got it on tape. I’d be uploading it now but I can’t find my phone. Probably a blessing since an unfortunate conversation may still be going on. So happy not to know. Anyway, I told him I wouldn’t post it but never said I wouldn’t report it. I think nothing of my conscience. Con Science. A plot, obviously. An aside I’ll always indulge in. Be forewarned. Like, get used to it. Call me cryptic and forget it. It’s only for my own amusement. So. I got to tell my friend I had taped my first video blog segment. Oh really?! He was excited. He’s seen what I can do. ie:

Series of hand painted baseball gloves. … Basic Info Series of hand painted baseball gloves.

They have another great promotion called the Kiss Cam; they bring around a sign with a cutout of a heart and people kiss or other behind it and have their pic taken. I have a similar idea: They cut out the white of the ball leaving the beautiful red strings and a square background. White of course. What it’s for is framing folks with their gloves! GREAT idea, even if I say so myself. The idea will go viral anyway. Watch. Shouldn’t take long. ALL my ideas will be stolen which is the beauty of this all. (I’m repeating myself ((hint: all)). Call them cryptic bombs designated in the text from now on as CBs). Had to take that rare grammatical chance, the double parenthesis. You’ll do well to put up with this; it’ll be worth it. Even if you don’t feel like deciphering them.

Anyway. I can’t show you now due to camera gone but I surprised myself and completed the circle of understanding. Every moment at a ballgame is interesting, even the game! I am encouraging the encouraging of everyone taping at all times! A few hints and it all be quality. None of it’s bad, just maybe not as interesting as someone else’s. Whoever’s got the best view of a play gets in. Otherwise it will be the students of the art. The art of capturing. Like me. You’ll see. I was getting a new camera anyway.

The point is, we can stitch all the moments of a game through the fans. Imagine in St. Louis. They’ll be the first to catch on if I know my rivalries. Wudup w/their defense this year? Never seen anything like it and I’m a 42 year Cub fan. I’d know. (an aside, can you believe the new field is the same 20 some feet below street level? I KNOW they must have figured it out. Anyone care to inform me? Looked for a shot of a thermometer ground level of their old park. None to be found. What’s wrong with people. Unless it’s an evil plot to keep the amazing story quiet. (for those out of the loop, at old Busch Stadium players stood in ice water between innings with grass temperatures of 120 +) If I only include my favorite stories this will be a HIT! I say.

We’ll have volunteers focusing on certain parts of the field, sure to quarry great shots however rare, they’ll earn their keep. So we weave the whole game through all our camera’s eyes.
It will be the start of ALL crowds being filmed. NOTHING is uninteresting. EVEN BASEBALL!

Looks like a good place to stop. But one way or another , there will always be baseball thoughts and observations here. Won’t be long and…you thought I was going to say this site will hit. No. Baseball itself will captivate the WORLD along with drawing. (start em early. It’s the TRULY universal language) I hope I’m doing these parentheses right. Teachers? Set me to rights.

Guess I’m not quitting. Books are still popular. And cursive will make a ROARING comeback. Soon. Soon enough. Especially if I have anything to do with it. And what WON’T I have to do with? Dick Tracy’s will fill every void. Dumbass storyline of the universe: games are too long. WHHHHHHHHHHHHHaaaaaaattt? These people don’t understand themselves. Or to put it politely, their AAA from a hole in the ground. We have INFINITY here and we get badmouthing? There’s ALWAYS something about to happen. End of story. And baseball LEADS the way in pleasure provided without concern for outcome. A good play is a good play. Who the ____cares whose it was? You’re losing out if it’s you. Okay, outcomes can be thrilling too, but you’re wasting your time being tied to results.

Boy has this game got a world of lessons to teach. Let’s start with Tony Oliva. Okay, that’s not fair, but I grew up over-the-top in love with him. I wouldn’t have ever known I lay before a radio times listening to the Twins except I have a snapshot of myself hearing 4 in a row hit one out! I’ll try Earl Battey, Jim Hall, Harmon Killebrew and __________. Could be way off. Congregation? A wonderful thing, the love that cries out when the time is right. I applaud you!

What else. Yeah. (I finally became comfortable with that spelling ever since the Beatles, She Loves You) I’ll tape this town and the endless stories within. Who won’t, one day? Every kid wants to tape their elders. Now. How can it not be happening? More stupid. Asleep.

I could go on and on, but you’ll come to love me that way. Looks like I’ve built up so much creativity it WILL get out. I know a sign shop. I noticed because I was in the business 30+ years. Remind me to tell about lettering the ballpark one year. Hell on wheels, I’ll be telling you. More nonsense.

For one thing, I’m getting Mark (you’ll know his name with repetition) to tape me detailing the carts at my golf course. I cleaned homes with my GF and know details. No excuse. Someone cares, I know that much. Then we’ll branch out. Not sure where, but sure. Every inch of life is memorable. Just takes a bit of strategy to make the memories memorable. A few tips. Nothing to it. And we’ll be off!

DEMAND taping YOUR games this way. It’s the trend, or about to be. It begins where Jackie Robinson first took the field and spreads knowingly. We’re here to be taped and all leave memorable results. Try and catch a kid not interesting. Good luck. I really wanna quit now.


art for art’s sake. WTF does that mean???